Don’t Step On The White Tile – 9/10

don't step on the white tile

In yet another great free game from Ketchapp, Don’t Step On The White Tile brings so much greatness to any iPhone lucky enough to hold a copy of it.  It’s almost frustratingly too simple to be any good, yet paradoxically, the simplicity of the game is what keeps fun and gives it that addictive nature: you must keep playing since a game this elementary cannot possibly stump you, right?

There are three game modes, all variations on the the straightforward concept of Don’t Step On The White Tile.  Your screen is broken up into four columns and four to five rows, creating a grid.  One tile in each row is colored black, the rest are white.  As you play, the rows move down, and it’s your job to tap the black tile without tapping any white tiles, or without missing a black tile before it heads off the bottom of your screen.  In Arcade mode, this goes on endlessly until you make a mistake, all the while getting quicker and quicker.  In Race mode, the tiles won’t move down unless you tap the black one in the bottom row.  It’s your job to get to the finish line at the top as fast as possible.  You set the pace.  Similarly, in Time Attack, you have 30 seconds to tap as many black tiles as possible, but once again, they move at whatever pace you’re tapping them.  Three variations, three fun modes.

It’s almost artistic how simple yet great Don’t Step On The White Tile is…  My only real complaint is the advertisements, which pop up right at the beginning of games, as the countdown to your start is beginning.  I get it, your app is free, fun, and widespread, there are going to be ads.  But put them really anywhere else.  At the opening screen of the app, on the menu, et cetera.  Other than that mere annoyance, I highly recommend Don’t Step On The White Tile as a game of focus, stamina, and coordination for all.  9/10!

-TheAppEmperor *tapping* out

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