TWIST3D – 7/10


As far as simple, free, puzzle games go, there are a lot of options out there.  Allow me to introduce yet another, TWIST3D.  In this game, you spin around a three-dimensional cube of varying colors to find groups of three colors in a row or column.  Tapping that row will make them disappear.  The vacant spots are one by one filled back up with colors, allowing new combinations of three in a row to sprout up again.  Even though the cube is never completely full of components (you can think of it as a 3x3x3 cube with some spots missing because you’re continuously destroying it three at a time), when looking at any one face of the cube, depth doesn’t matter, as a color that’s perhaps deeper into the cube with nothing over it looks in line when viewing straight on.  Therefore, spinning the cube around to each of its six faces will usually provide ample sets of three to pop.

There is another aspect of TWIST3D: gems.  Gems are used to make levels unique.  You can free gems from the cube by destroying blocks in which they reside.  Only, they don’t move when you move the cube, allowing rotations in space to keep gems in the same coordinate as you see it.  This makes it easier to unlock them from the cube, thereby allowing you to complete the level.  As you progress, time limits will be tougher, and the game will get more challenging, but sporadically unlocked power-ups can be a helpful boost.

TWIST3D is certainly not a freshly original game, but it provides a refreshing “twist” on a consistently entertaining genre of mobile games.  It’s worth giving a try if you’re feeling a simple here-and-there puzzle game to play.  7/10.

-TheAppEmperor *twisting* out

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