AdVenture Capitalist! – 3/10

adventure capitalist!

Who doesn’t love a game in which you can make so much more money than you can even conceptualize?  Me.

AdVenture Capitalist!, a free game, is all about the cash.  You start out selling lemonade, then newspapers, and so on and so forth until you’re pumping oil for profits laughably high.  The money sure does escalate quickly, and soon enough you’ll be dealing with numbers so impracticably high that it becomes really difficult to do transactions since you certainly don’t inherently know what the numbers even mean.  Exhibit A: untrigintillion (which, for the record has 96 zeros).  The game itself really is a waiting game (how stimulating!).  You pretty much just buy things to sell in larger and larger quantities, with some incentives linked along the way to keep you going.  Each successive item takes longer and longer than the previous one to put profit back in your pocket.  For example, lemonade gets you money fast, like several times per second, but the money is nominal.  Oil rigs, on the other hand, will take many, many hours to get you a load of loot.  But until that money rolls in, AdVenture Capitalist! is boring; there’s not much to do.

Even still, for a period of time it was relatively captivating.  But then, the reality of the game came crashing back to earth and it was no longer worth any effort.  If you’re seeking a very passive, mildly pleasing game, then go ahead and give AdVenture Capitalist! a download.  But if you want a game to actively interact with, or something with a little bit of action, then this is not the game for you.  3/10.

-TheAppEmpire *earning* out

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