What’s My IQ?™ – 3/10

what's my iq

What’s My IQ?™ is a free brain-teaser game that, considering what the title suggests, does not give you your IQ.  The app has 50 puzzles, but the final 20 are available only via an in-app purchase.  The puzzles are fairly stupid: the answer is always some solution that is not obvious but still makes sense due to a word’s second meaning or something of the sort.  They’re pretty fun to sit around with trying to figure out, but they go by pretty quickly.  It’s easy to finish the whole free portion of the game in one sitting.  Also, if you downloaded the app to get some sort of inaccurate rendering of your IQ, What’s My IQ?™ doesn’t even get you that far.  The IQ reported by this game is just your score in the game.  Additionally, the app frequently crashes, has slow loading times, and truly annoying music to go along with the puzzles.  Not optimized for the larger screen sizes, What’s My IQ?™ has a lot of work to be done.  Unless this is the year 2011, then it’s not too bad.  With puzzles that are little more than trick-questions, What’s My IQ?™ is better off left on the shelf.  3/10.

-TheAppEmperor signing out

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