Jelly Jump – 8/10

jelly jump

From the makers of 2048, try your hand at this quick paced and gooey free game, Jelly Jump.  In this game, you start out as a cube of jelly and have to advance upward to infinity and beyond.  A platform will generate above your cube, moving inward from both the left and the right.  It’s your job to tap to jump your jelly cube up onto that platform before it closes on you.  But jump too early, and the platform will not have closed yet, so you’ll fall right back down to your previous platform.  Once the platform above you closes and you’re not on it (either you mistimed your jump and landed back on your current platform or you jumped too late and got caught in the new platform), you’re game is over.  Each platform adds one to your score, so however many platforms you’ve jumped up onto is the score you end up with.  Jelly Jump is a really simple game.  So addicting.  Must.  Play.  Again.

Jelly Jump could get boring quickly, if it weren’t for one quirk to the game that greatly adds to its appeal.  Though not even a really big deal, every once in a while, you’ll get to a platform with a little droplet on it.  Collecting these droplets acts as an in-game currency.  Each droplet is worth 10, and at 200, you can trade them in to produce a new little jelly to use in your game.  After a cute little animation of your droplets going through a blender-esque machine, you receive your surprise-shaped jelly.  At first they’re all practical shapes, like an X or rounded cube or hollow cube, but then they just start becoming really fun shapes: table, video game controller, penguin, piggy bank, TV, and tons more.  All in all there are many, many jellies to earn, and this surprisingly really adds a lot to this simple game.

Jelly Jump is so simple, so fun, so quick, and so free.  It’s a great one to have around for a quick game here or there, as it requires no commitment (other than the fact that it’s pretty addicting).  8/10, would recommend!

-TheAppEmperor signing out

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