QuizUp™ VS. Trivia Crack

quizup vs. trivia crack

QuizUp™ was the most popular trivia app of last year, whereas a new question-answering craze called Trivia Crack is currently sweeping up the iOS market.  While both trivia apps are superb free games and are ridiculously addicting, there are a lot of differences between them.  Here’s what you need to know about the two apps:

QuizUp™ (formerly known as QuizUp: The Biggest Trivia Game in the World!) was reviewed about a year ago on TheAppEmpire and received the elusive 10/10.  In this head-to-head trivia game, users choose from over 550 topics ranging from NBA Players to Harry Potter to General Knowledge to Retail Logos.  There is a huge selection of topics that really hit upon things both general and arcanely specific.  Users can level up in each topic independently of the others, so you could be level 20 in US States but only level 3 in Name the Flag.  This paints a good picture of what topics you love and are good at.  Admittedly, if you play one topic a lot (like, a lot a lot), you’ll start to see repeats in the questions.  This is not that common, but certainly is known to happen.  In QuizUp™, you’re up against an opponent in realtime. You’re seeing and answering questions at the same time as the rival.  Based on the speed of your answer, and obviously whether it’s correct given the four choices, the winner is announced at the end of the 7th question.  QuizUp™ has a really terrific interface that throws a lot of information into easy-to-see places.  It is also compatible with Facebook so that you can play against your friends, in addition to random opponents.  In order to play a friend, you can either record a game (you answer the seven questions of the round) for him or her to play later, or you can invite them to play right then and there in a live round.  Each round lasts 2-3 minutes so they’re perfect for quick breaks or long marathons, and many quiz topics include pictures as well to make the game more than a bunch of knowledge put into text.  Overall, QuizUp™ is a great trivia game and is a great way to play quick bursts of trivia against random people, or your friends, building up a reputation and profile as you answer the high-quality questions.

Since its launch in November 2014, Trivia Crack has taken the iOS world by storm and is already the #1 free app on the charts!  Needless to say, it’s a great trivia app.  In this one, Facebook connectivity is even more of a must, as most of my games are against Facebook friends of mine.  You can still play against random players, but as the games are longer and tend to be more time consuming, it’s much more fun to get invested in a hard-fought battle against a buddy than against a random player.  Both are still fun, though.  Trivia Crack works a bit differently than QuizUp™, namely in the questioning and game-style.  Trivia Crack games are back and forth rounds between two people, where you keep playing until you get a question wrong, then your opponent does the same at his leisure, then it’s back to you.  Each time it’s your turn, you spin the wheel and it will land in one of six categories (art, history, science, sports, entertainment, geography) or a crown, which allows you to attempt to earn one of the category characters of your choice.  You win the game by getting each of the six characters.  If you don’t hit a crown, you can attempt a question to earn one only after achieving three correct questions.  Remember, though, each time you get a question wrong, you’ll have to wait for your friend to play back in order to continue your game.  The questions are also four-choice questions, and very few contain pictures.  Because of the ability of users to generate the questions, there are a lot of them and it’s rare to see a repeat that often, but the quality of the questions also is not always great.  Unlike QuizUp™, you also do not get to choose a topic to play, so you’ll definitely be forced to answer questions in topics that you may not feel comfortable in.  In QuizUp™, you can always just hang around in the topics you’re good at.  Trivia Crack follows a free to play freemium model, but it’s done right.  Although the mere three lives they give you to start games with people take an hour each to regenerate (which is ridiculous!), the rest is pretty good, and the lives problem is only mildly annoying.  I also find Trivia Crack to seem a bit childish, not necessarily in all the questions (but certainly in some of them), but definitely in the interface and the whole colored spinning wheel and cartoon characters to collect to win.  The thing is, Trivia Crack is not really for kids completely, as some of the questions are certainly for the educated folk.  It’s a tough place to be in when the questions are of varying specificities and difficulties due to them being user-generated.  Nevertheless, Trivia Crack is extremely addicting and it’s really fun and easy to play with friends.  It’s more friendly competition than QuizUp™, but the quality is (very slightly) compromised.

WINNER:  No winner here.  Trivia Crack and QuizUp™ specialize in their own types of trivia.  If you’re looking for a more social trivia game, Trivia Crack is the one for you.  If you want an app to show off your knowledge of certain topics with great questions and variety, QuizUp™ is your go-to.

Which do you prefer?

-TheAppEmperor *quizzing* out

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