Top 10 Apps for the Winter (Ranking)

As the winter rolls in, here are some apps to keep you cozy by the fireside:

10. FirePlace – Free: (Free) Sometimes you can sit down, build a fire, and curl up while its soft crackling lulls you to sleep.  For the other times, though, having an app to display a fireplace for you, with your choice of music, is the next best thing.

9. NBA Game Time 2014-15: (Free) This season’s updated version of this NBA companion app will keep you and your basketball-watching craze up to date all season long.

8. Winter Survival Kit: (Free) It never hurts to be prepared.  In the case of a winter emergency, this app is a good one to have handy.

7. 94 Degrees: (Free) There’s always plenty of time to play a game here and there.  What’s better than one that will get you thinking of those brutally hot days you’re (not) missing?

6. Netflix: (Free) If there is such thing as a best time to watch TV and movies, the winter would claim it.

5. Ski Safari: ($.99) Just because your skiing adventures probably don’t contain a chase down an infinite mountain with a raging avalanche at your back and an assortment of animals that want to save you, doesn’t mean you can’t make it happen.

4. Ski and Snow Report: (Free) Keep up to date on the conditions at your local ski mountain and be sure your favorite trails are open before you hit the slopes.

3. Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift: (Free) Cut the Rope is awesome.  The holiday season is awesome.  A combination of the two?  Super awesome!

2. Christmas Music ~ 10,000 FREE Christmas Songs!: (Free) Stream or download Christmas music from your iPhone or iPad and show off to the family who is really the most hip.

1. NORAD Tracks Santa: (Free) Never lose track of where old St. Nick is this Christmas Eve, and keep busy helping the elves at the North Pole in a mini-game!

-TheAppEmperor *snowing* out

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