The Line – 4/10

the line

From the makers of 2048, the world gets a new frustrating-still-kinda-fun game, The Line.  The object is to move your little dot left and right to remain in the confines of a white pathway.  The path juts out left and right, and so too must your dot.  The way to move the dot is seemingly simple enough: you just slide your finger along the bottom of the screen.  The dot is lined up with wherever your finger is on the slider.  In reality, this makes the game very challenging to play.  Occasionally, there are jumps.  All you have to do to survive those are lift your finger from the slider, but be very careful when you tap it down again, since the dot will jump to wherever you tap down.  This could potentially lead to problems if your finger moves while off the slider.  Honestly, that’s all there is to The Line.  It’s really tough, and to play for more than 10-15 seconds is quite an accomplishment.  Since the games don’t last that long (unless you’re really terrific), people are constantly tempted to “try again” and “try again.”  Until they realize that The Line is more frustrating than fun.  But then, later on, while looking for a game to kill a few minutes, they stumble upon The Line, and the whole process starts again until they get so worked up that they stop playing.  So for replay value, it’s okay in short bursts but this is not the game to go to for killing a lot of time.  In fact, this game reminds me quite a bit of Impossible Road.  One last feature of The Line is that you can change the skin of the game from the norm to a special World Cup edition.  The dot is now a soccer ball and the line pathway is green to represent a grass field.  I would really like to see them go Doodle Jump and add lots of skins to this game.  It probably won’t do much to make the game better but it surely would add some interest.  For now The Line remains a mediocre game that can be addicting but will never really end in satisfaction.  Unfortunately, The Line will always be the little brother of 2048.  4/10.

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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