Cyto’s Puzzle Adventure – 6/10

cyto's puzzle adventure

Cyto’s Puzzle Adventure is an off-shoot of Angry Birds, Cut the Rope,  Where’s My Water?, and other such games.  It’s actually made by Chillingo.  The objective is to get to the exit portal of each level, trying to collect up to three “memories.”  Undoubtable it is not better than those others that I mentioned, but it’s still not a bad game, considering its unoriginality.  Cyto will cost you $.99.

Basically, this little cell like thing has lost all of his memories, and it’s your job to go though all the levels collecting them again, so that he can remember who he is, where he came from, and whatnot.  The worlds are based off some cellular/microbiological type scenarios, but of course they are not very accurate, nor were they meant to be.  Cyto has a stretch membrane around him, and you move by adhering to the surface of other cells in specially reserved sticky areas and pulling back to launch him.  You can also stretch from one surface to another and attach to both at once to create a sling shot, which is much more powerful and accurate than a regular sling.  These controls are simple, but there is one inevitable problem with them: sometimes your finger gets in the way and you can’t even see where you’re trying to launch to.  Progressing through this game will introduce you to some new things, like streams of floating particles to drift along, and other such nonsense, but nothing too amazing.  I should also mention that Cyto is hard.  Not all levels, but a lot of them required me to play several times to nail all three memories, and some I haven’t even been able to beat.  It’s okay because the game lets you skip levels.  So long as you’re able to gather enough memories to unlock the subsequent world.

The music is pretty good, the graphics are what you would expect for such a game (nothing too flashy but not bad at all), and the overall gameplay is fine.  It’s just not the most enthusing game, and especially because it’s so similar in structure to many other really good games.  Cyto proves to us that creating a spinoff of some of the best ideas out there isn’t always the best.  But in this case, it’s still alright.  6/10.

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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