impossible road

IMPOSSIBLE ROAD is a $2 game that takes its name quite seriously.  Ruled by the urge to try again and again to beat your high score, IMPOSSIBLE ROAD will both bring you to red-faced tears and fits of fury while at the same time quite simply pressing the answer to the question “Again?”

The gameplay is quite simple, but the game’s play is ridiculously hard.  You’re a white ball on a blue and white track, which weaves in and out of space, up and down, helix-shaped passages, etc.  The whole nine yards.  Your job is of course to negotiate your way along the track.  You can (and will) fall off of it, and when you do the screen starts fading away into a white abyss.  But the trick is to get back on it at another point before it’s all gone into whiteness.  Every so often there is a numbered gate.  Passing one of these will bump your score up one.  When you leave, or “jump” the road, you can land in another spot, say 5 numbers ahead, and then passing that gate will bump up your score 5.  Whether your strategy is trying to maneuver on the road itself for as long as possible, or whether you try to jump to farther parts of the road, you will inevitably fall down in to the white abyss and be prompted with that so good yet so horrid question, “Again?”

I really like the music and the overall presentation of IMPOSSIBLE ROAD, but the rest of the game just doesn’t cut it.  Especially for $1.99.  It’s very challenging, and that’s on purpose.  But besides that, there are no other game modes, no other buttons to press, and even pausing the game is not a function that you can easily achieve.  The high-score counter may be a bit haywire in recent updates, because sometimes my high score is listed, but other times if I have a bad run and get a score of 2, it will list that as my high score when obviously that’s not right.  A really interesting point would be to have the road created as you go based on the music that you are currently listening to (take the wave format of that track and somehow create a track out of it).  But that’s probably out of the picture, just an idea.

IMPOSSIBLE ROAD will soon turn into INEVITABLE RAGE, but for some reason, I guarantee that you’ll keep playing over and over again.  Yup, it’s one of those games.  If they had a free version, I’d promote it because I’d like you all to be tortured (just kidding), but since it costs a couple dollars, I just don’t think it’s even worth it.  But if you want to, try it anyway.  I dare you.  4/10.

-TheAppEmperor *screaming* out


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