Asphalt 8: Airborne – 9/10

asphalt 8- airborne

It is with much regret that I must say goodbye to a great racing game, Asphalt 8: Airborne.  No matter how great this game is, I must delete it to free up some space for a minor update, because with all of it’s great graphics and huge story mode, A8 is 1.4 GB, which is unfortunately something I don’t have to spare on my chock-full-of-apps iPhone.  Without that influencing the rest of the review (too much) I would like to honestly say that if you’re into racing games, you either want to get a game from the Asphalt series or one from the Real Racing series.  I think time will have a comparison review in store, but until then here’s all you need to know about the latest installment of Asphalt.

A8 has incredible graphics and so many cars to buy as you progress through the game, which is a great value altogether for just a dollar.  Other notable features include a complex and humungous story mode featuring races that earn you stars to unlock subsequent seasons in the game, a quick race mode, and an online multiplayer mode.  In short, A8 has all the “stuff” that makes a great racing game great.  But what separates it from the rest of the crowd?  How about the fact that it is strikingly similar to Need for Speed: Shift for real gaming consoles?

In addition to several types of races (elimination, knockdown, classic, etc.), A8 offers a lot in the way of creative maps and a plethora of car models to buy with in-game currency.  Regrettably, for the higher end cars, there is no way that you could accumulate that much currency without paying real money via in-app purchases.  But the only real way this affects the game is when you earning a star for a certain race requires you to drive a car that you’d have to pay for.  And yeah, in those cases, it can be detrimental as they start to accumulate and you might not be able to unlock the next season without paying to unlock it.  Since you only paid a dollar for the game, this is their way to make money.  But in the way of maps and tracks, each has a complex set of “secret” pathways that you can find, and each pays excruciating attention to detail.  I highly suggest A8.  It’s really fun and very realistic (I mean, as realistic as a racing game tends to get…).  9/10!  I’ll miss you buddy, but you were just too big for me!

-TheAppEmperor *racing* out


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