Robot Unicorn Attack 2 – 8/10

robot unicorn attack 2

As always when an app experiences some breakout success, the developers unroll a sequel.  In this case, building upon Robot Unicorn Attack is Robot Unicorn Attack 2.  The price has dropped a dollar to no cost at all, making this sequel a pretty nice deal.  Many other vast improvements also put 2 ahead of the original.

Gameplay was essentially unaltered between the two games, so to check out how to play, I encourage you to read up on the review of the first RUA game (click here).  The most evident changes are the graphics.  They were completely revamped to make RUA2 look really realistic (well, as realistic as unicorns and fairies can get).  So realistic that the stars quite closely resemble salt deposits on the platforms, probably not what the artists were going for, but hey, it’s just salt.  In terms of music, there is a new store to purchase that song that we all love from the original.  If you’re not interested in spending a dollar for it, then you’re stuck with the default music, which is nothing special.

Besides those aesthetic and audible changes, the developers really did a lot of work apart from the gameplay to make RUA2 a really good download.  By adding an in-game currency that can be earned with a mini-game pitting Team Rainbow against Team Inferno, they allowed for a nice shop.  In this shop you can upgrade your unicorn.  But buying upgrades such as wings do not just change its look.  They actually translate to some in-game power-up, like the ability to coast in the air once reached full speed.  Another really important aspect of RUA2 is the challenge system.  By completing challenges or missions, you can earn stars to level up with.  Most of the other things I mentioned are actually gradually unlocked as you rank up.  I don’t personally love the challenges that they give, but there’s always updates to improve, right?  Either way, the developers successfully kept the gameplay that we all enjoyed from the original game and added on top of it some really cool aspects to make RUA2 better.  And it costs a dollar less.  So why not just transfer over to the sequel?  8/10!

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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