Lightsaber Unleashed – 6/10

lightsaber unleashed

Back in the day when Lightsaber Unleashed was still on the market, it was one of the most popular free apps.  Due to licensing issues, it was forced to be removed from the App Store’s shelves, but its legacy lives on within many iPhones.

Lightsaber Unleashed allows you to transform your device into a lightsaber from Star Wars.  Complete with playable theme music, specific hilts from actual characters, and a customization option, this app was awesome.  Once you turn your lightsaber on, all the familiar sounds and noises associated with these weapons ensued.  Because the app made use of accelerometer features, waving around your device would prompt all the noises of a lightsaber battle.  When you finished, the push of a button sucked the lightsaber back into its hilt.

The customization feature was a great one.  You could choses any color (using sliders on a rainbow, so literally any color was available).  However, there were only four hilts to chose from, which were from other characters that the app let you select.  A good thing was that each of those characters came with a picture and bio.  As far as the bad things go, there was really no structure to the app, just do whatever you wanted, which was cool in a way, but some sort of interactiveness would have been cooler.  Also, there was a limited amount of characters to chose from.  Many more characters would have really added some nice touches to the app.  Lastly, the app was really made as an advertisement for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, so that stuff certainly makes itself known.  But, even though this wasn’t the most technically sound app, Lightsaber Unleashed was a cool piece to have around, and it was a really nice way to show off your iPhone’s features back during a time when many of those features were so unknown.  6/10 (would have been much higher several years back).

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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