Musician’s Kit – 8/10

musicians kit

If you’re a musician, chances are you’ve wanted to use a metronome with no metronome to be found.  Perhaps you needed to tune, but forgot where you put that tuner.  Maybe you felt the need to record your music, but couldn’t locate the recorder anywhere.  Then, naturally, you hit up the App Store seeing what’s there for you to download.  And, like me, you realized that almost all of your options either cost money, or had awful reviews.  Except one.  Well, ladies and gentlemen, that one is Musician’s Kit.

Musician’s Kit is a free app that features a metronome, tuner, and recorder all in one.  Apparently, this bundle is unmatched for the price.  In terms of quality, Musician’s Kit is the of the highest.  But there are not many noticeable flaws either.  You can just tell when something is nice and polished and when it’s a little shabby.  The tuner is completely customizable by pitch and frequency, over so many octaves that the iPhone speaker can’t handle the really low and really high.  You can also allow access to your mic to see how sharp or flat your pitch is.  The metronome features tempos from 40-280 BPM, with up to 8 subdivisions and 16 beats per measure.  It is probably very rare that you’ll need those higher options, but if you need beats per measure that is a two digit number (greater than 9 for all the mathletes out there), the second digit simply gets cut off the screen.  Not a big deal in terms of usefulness, but it should be fixed nonetheless.  You may also tap your own tempo to find exactly what you’re thinking.  Lastly, the recorder is pretty nice and very simple.  It records fairly high quality sounds but the only option to get them out of this app and somewhere else is by emailing it as an AAC file.  I suppose once it’s in your email inbox, there’s a lot of flexibility of how you manipulate that file.

Quick conclusion: Musician’s Kit is a free app that features a nice tuner, metronome, and recorder.  If you need any of these three things in a bind, Musician’s Kit is your best bet.  8/10!

-TheAppEmperor signing out

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