Trace – 6/10


Trace is one of the first games I ever had way back in the day on the old iPod Touch.  For that reason, I’ve kept it around ever since.  However, I hadn’t played it in a while (years), until a few days ago when I was scrolling through my app updates I came across an update for Trace.  Now, Trace hadn’t been updated since about the time when I used to play it.  The real reason for the update was that they just released Trace 2 (I’m sensing a future review) and thought they should touch up the original while they were at it, but it got me thinking…  So I resumed play of Trace and now there’s even a review coming out of my fingertips.

Trace is one of the simplest games ever, but that doesn’t mean it stays easy.  Basically, you are a stick figure in a world of doodles, and you must find your way to the exit without hitting any moving or stationary colorful obstacles.  For walking and jumping there are three buttons (left, right, jump).  The whole point of the game is that you will never have a clear and continuous path to the exit.  You must draw (or “trace”) it out.  For this purpose, there is a draw tool and an eraser.  Keeping in mind that your average stick figure cannot walk up vertical paths, and that physics still applies in stick figure doodle worlds, you must draw a way out and then actually execute that by walking and jumping through the level.  There are 120 levels over the course of six packs, each pack having a common theme or setting.

I did a quick before-and-after test for the new update of Trace to see what exactly was edited.  Nothing too big; some now-standard things were added.  For example, Trace (which had old-fashioned graphics that fit the game quite well) now contains Retina graphics, but they really look the same old-fashioned style, just more crisp.  You also can rotate the screen by flipping the device rather than navigating into the settings to find the button that rotates it.  Trace is a lovely game but it is no longer entertaining to me for extended periods of time.  I feel like back in the day it would receive a 9/10 but now it has long since been overshadowed by amazing app franchises and a packed shelf of apps in the App Store.  I sure hope Trace 2 brings back some more memories and is a little more relevant.  Nevertheless, Trace will always contain some more meaning to me than to others.  Unfortunately, to be fair, it is just a 6/10.

-TheAppEmperor *tracing* out

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