Pivvot – 7/10


Pivvot, $2.99, is a wacky but addicting game that puts your reflexes and thinking to the test.  Explaining it will be a little bit tough, but I’ll have a shot anyway.  In Pivvot, you control a little stick with a circle on its end by pivoting it left or right.  It will move along an irregular track, but that is no ordinary irregular track.  That is a booby-trapped irregular track.  Progressing through the game will add on more types of obstacles, and the only way to survive them is by pivoting the circular end around the obstacles.  Each look different and require different strategies of getting around them, but there is always a way.

Pivvot features five game modes: Voyage is the main game, with levels and progression.  Endless is exactly what it sounds like; you just keep going until you hit an obstacle.  Beating Voyage will unlock Expert Voyage and Expert Endless, which are faster and more challenging versions of the prior two.  Lastly, you can similarly unlock Berserk, which is the most difficult game mode offered in Pivvot.  Keep in mind that no part of this game is easy.  You may get used to the style of play and therefore get better, but never will you say that Pivvot is a truly easy game.

It is very hard to put Pivvot down.  I found myself on several occasions saying that I’d only play one more level but it just doesn’t work out that way with this game.  A few last minute notes now: the color schemes are pretty awesome, and they change every level, which surprisingly adds some really nice flavor to a pretty simple-to-understand game.  The Endless modes have one very large flaw.  They are not randomly generated, so every time you start playing again, you must go through the same obstacles.  This gets bothersome the more you play, and takes away a certain degree of Endless that should always be present.  Lastly, Pivvot would be a solid 8/10 if not for its relatively high price.  Still a great game though.  7/10!

-TheAppEmperor *pivoting* out


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