Angry Birds Space – 9/10

angry birds space

As always with Rovio, you’re bound to get a quality app that’s worth playing.  Angry Birds Space is no exception.  For $.99, you can download the next title in a series of Angry Birds games that has undoubtably influenced the App Store like no other.  The plot of Angry Birds Space (from now on just referred to as ABS) is that the birds must destroy their piggy enemies in the unique setting of outer space.  Why, you ask, is outer space so unique?  Gravity is negligible to these birds, except when they are launched in the vicinity of a planet.  Planets each have their own gravitational fields that are indicated by blue hazes surrounding them.  A bird will travel straight at the same speed when in space, but if it goes into the gravitational field, it will orbit until it hits into something and stops, or until it gets sucked onto the surface of the planet.  The field is stronger as you go closer to the planet.  Likewise, if birds get out of the field, they will travel tangentially to their circular trajectory while in the field.  So much physics!  Sometimes, the slingshot is in the gravitational field of a planet, while other times it’s outside of it.  Piggies survive in space in air bubbles, and will freeze if they pop.  On planets, though, they are naturally suave.

ABS is a really new game that incorporates all the stuff from the original Angry Birds that we love.  For the most part, the birds are very similar to the old ones, with some minor exceptions.  The menus are all interactive and I’ll admit I had a little too much fun fiddling with the menu than one should normally have when fiddling with menus.  One detail that is very different is the trajectory line.  In the original Angry Birds, you could see the trajectory of your previous bird to help you shoot the next one.  However in ABS, you get to see the trajectory of your current bird before you launch it, since things can get really crazy when there are several planets with overlapping gravitational fields.  They do not take away the previous bird’s trajectory until you’ve launched the next one anyway, so you really get both of these helpful features.  On the other hand, something that is certainly a bit annoying is the sporadic nature of structures in gravitational fields.  Oftentimes things will get grazed by your bird but don’t actually collapse until a few seconds later, so if you don’t wait long enough to launch the next bird, you may end up wasting it by shooting at empty space, or at structures that are no longer there.  There also is, as per usual, a boat load of levels that will surely take a long time to complete, but the thing that upsets me a little bit is that they still try to sucker you for more money by making you purchase (yes, purchase!) the last few level packs.  This is simply unacceptable for a game that you paid for, regardless of how many levels you can get without in-app purchases.

So overall, ABS is really fun and entertaining for a long time.  It is mostly redone, featuring all new physics and a huge twist with gravity and all that.  Not bad for the price of a dollar, either.  This game is a nice one, and a must-have for all the Angry Birds fans.  Casual players can still enjoy it too.  9/10!

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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