Where’s My Water? – 9/10

where's my water

Before we commence with the review, I would like to point out that this is the 200th app that has been reviewed right here at TheAppEmpire!  It’s been a pleasure, and always will be.

Where’s My Water? is a Disney game that is quite famous, and rightfully so.  This $0.99 app will provide plenty of strategically-based entertainment, puzzling and dazzling all the way through.  The general idea is that there’s a crocodile in the sewer system that is dirty from, well, living in the sewer system.  He constantly needs to bathe (every level, to be exact).  Your job is to get him the coveted water through the pipes and into his shower.  This is done primarily by digging around the dirt that fills most of the empty spaces.  Water obviously flows downward when given the chance, due to gravity.  You’ll also have to blow it up, siphon it, blast it, and flow it any way possible into that pipe.  It takes a good deal of creativity and really keeps the game sloshing along.  As you progress, you’ll be introduced to new items and obstacles that then show up for the remainder of the game.

There are a lot of levels: in the main pack there’s well over 200.  There are three other packs as well that take you into the lives of other characters, who require different things.  For example, one needs steam to power her pipe  organ, and steam flows upward instead of downward like the water.  This provides a unique spin on the game.  However (and it’s a big “however”), each of these three packs costs extra money.  So, you were sitting there playing Where’s My Water? when you found the update, so you naturally download the new version hoping for additional levels, but they you’re all shocked when you realize you need to buy them again!  I mean, you already paid for the app.  They could have charged more than a dollar from the start and made all the updates free, but that’s not how they went.  These additional packs are also advertised in the game, which is also a pretty big no-no for a paid game.  We can all learn to ignore ads when we get a bargain game for free, but it’s little things like this that make the best of the best no more than another quality game.  But don’t let that deter you from the plethora of levels that comes with the initial purchase.  There’s a lot in there already to make you decide to purchase the additional levels if you would like, such as the awesome gameplay, rich strategy, and collectable items that you’ll find in random places by digging around.  In conclusion, if you don’t have Where’s My Water?, get it!  If you don’t want to pay, at least get the free version.  9/10!

-TheAppEmperor *flowing* out


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