The Audi A4 Driving Challenge – 8/10

audi a4 driving challenge 2.0

The Audi A4 Driving Challenge 2.0 may not be available on the App Store globally anymore, but this old-timer is still worthy of accepting some glory.  For all developers looking to create a fun, yet very simple, free app, take notes.  The Audi Challenge is very free, very simple, and very fun.  And although it was created for marketing purposes to convince people to buy Audis, you will not encounter a single advertisement!  The app name and available cars to drive all contain “Audi” but that’s as far as the car company goes.

This game takes you through driving courses build on pavement using cones.  There is no scenery around you but it’s not that big of a deal.  There’s one brake pedal (you will probably never use) and one gas pedal.  The steering is done by tilting, and surprisingly they nailed it.  Many-a-times you will see huge failures out of games that really push the tilt steering but Audi knows what they’re doing.  There are five race tracks, each one requiring three laps to complete the race.  If you drive a track again, you will see the ghost of your old record time to keep you on pace.  The hardest part is the weaving and winding turns.  For each cone you hit, that’s one second added to your final time.  Reaching certain times on the tracks will unlock some additional faster cars, however there are only three.  This still adds a reason to keep playing though.

Because the Audi Challenge is so old, it was not designed with the new technologies in mind.  Therefore you will see no Retina graphics and other such modern luxuries.  The only really bad part about this is that they decided to leave the service/time/battery bar at the top of the screen, and nowadays that pulls down into the Notifications Center.  Therefore, sometimes when pressing the gas pedal, you’ll get no response from the car because the Notifications Center gets caught under your finger.  Newer apps ameliorate this issue by making the panel only appear after pulling down twice.  Nevertheless this is a great app.  If only it was still available for download…  For those who own it, I suggest backing up a copy onto your computer (the iPhone will automatically do this unless you changed the sync settings) so that you can delete it yet not lose it forever into the abyss of the cloud.  8/10!

I do not work for Audi, own an Audi, or am affiliated with Audi in any way.

-TheAppEmperor *driving* out


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