Traktor DJ – 9/10

traktor dj

If you own quality DJ software, there’s a good chance that it’s Traktor.  Now available for iOS, Traktor DJ takes all the best features and puts them on your mobile touch screen.  This here is the review for the iPad app, as the iPhone version is a different app (not as big).  Traktor DJ costs $19.99, which is probably the most expensive app reviewed by TheAppEmpire so far.  But what the price tells you is that the software is legit and professional.  This is not some developer creating an app that lets you play around with some music, this is real software.

Traktor DJ is loaded with features, it’s hard to pick a place to start… Traktor DJ lets you load any music you have on your iPad to mix, mash, or play around with in any way you like.  There are two decks available for mixing.  You may choose to load the same song in both for interesting remixes, or you can load two different songs to throw them together.  Because it is difficult to figure out which songs can be easily mixed together (they must have compatible tempos and harmonics), Traktor DJ helps you decide.  By analyzing your whole library, the software lists suggestions once you chose the first song.  Not only does this help you make better music, but it also jumpstarts the mind a little by suggesting combos that you wouldn’t have otherwise thought of.  Even if your chosen tracks aren’t exact, you can control the master tempo (or have Traktor DJ do it for you) to make them work together. And when you start playing two tracks no matter what the situation is, Traktor DJ will delay the entrance of one of the tracks to make sure the beats line up if you enable this sync feature.  This really helps because it takes away the burden of making it all fit.

I recommend looking at the tutorials that Traktor DJ offers, even if you’re an experienced DJ, because it’s good to get a feel for the software at hand.  That being said, everything on Traktor DJ is intuitive, so once you learn it, it will stay.  This app is loaded with features such as scrubbing, delay, flanger, gater, etc.  There are also a lot of EQ options to make sure the balance between your tracks is perfect.  Perhaps the most used feature is looping.  Traktor DJ makes creating loops and saving them for later super easy, as well as switching between loops.  Before I start mixing, I go through the track and create all the necessary loops because it’s so easy to call them up at a later time.  Lastly, Traktor DJ is great for live mixing, but you can also record as you go.  After you record you can use that recording as a track to remix or you can save it onto your computer.

Traktor DJ is high quality software, and the $20 price reflects that.  I’d say that the app is probably worth the price, but because it is that expensive, Traktor DJ is not for absolute beginners.  Although the app does a good job teaching the user it’s features, a beginner should probably start with something less expensive then work up to Traktor DJ.  For DJs, Traktor DJ certainly is great software to have handy.  9/10.

-TheAppEmperor *DJing* out


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