Tiki Kart 3D – 7/10

tiki kart 3d

Because Nintendo stated that they don’t want to enter the iOS app industry, that left the path wide open for third parties to produce knock-off versions of the great Nintendo games that we want on our iPhones, iPods, and iPads.  Enter Tiki Kart 3D.  This free game is a Mario Kart imitation, although it obviously is not as good.  Tiki Kart is not bad, though, and because it’s free, I recommend it for those looking for some Mario Kart-esque entertainment.

Picture Mario Kart with a Tiki/Hawaiian theme and that’s pretty much what the game looks like at first.  There are the 50 cc, 100 cc, and 150 cc circuits, with several tracks to race on.  There’s no lack of characters to chose from or unlock with coins (you win coins by winning races), and the same can be said with karts.  Each are unique, such as different accelerations, immunities to oil spills, and other stuff like that.  There is a nice campaign to play through, a time trial mode for practicing, and an online multiplayer that is very solid.

Now the gameplay is not as good as the rest of the game, which is a shame.  I do not like the controls because they make you tilt to steer, which isn’t a bad thing always, but if you can’t pull it off properly and there’s no alternative touch control, then it gets bad.  Sometimes the tilts are very unresponsive and other times you’ll tilt a little and you’ll get a U-turn for it.  The mystery boxes that you drive through to get boosts, leave behind slippery oil spills, or bomb the person in front of you allow you to play a little slot machine.  You get to hit the button to stop the spinning and chose what power-up you get.  Only problem is that it’s really hard to pay attention to that while driving.  And once you get something to drop behind you, there’s not really a way to see who’s behind you besides the little birds’ eye view map in the corner (it’s not that helpful for strategically placing an oil spill).

Tiki Kart 3D offers some fun go-kart racing for iOS, but it’s not something that you’d pay a lot of money for (which is great because it’s free!).  Overall, this game is a 7/10.

-TheAppEmperor *karting* out


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