Plants vs. Zombies – 9/10

plants vs zombies

I know that you’re all wondering how the winner of over 30 game of the year awards could miss out on the 10/10.  Hear me out, my friends, hear me out.  Plants vs. Zombies is another pretty famous great (you guessed it) zombie game.  For all of you not already in on the fun of Plants vs. Zombies, it will run you $.99 to get started.  Is it well worth the dollar?  Consider that cost a great deal, as many people would pay a much higher price to get their fingers on this game.  Please keep in mind that in a huge game like Plants vs. Zombies, it is not feasible to hit on every feature or nuance in a review.

So basically the way the game works is that you’re trying to keep your house safe from endless hoards of zombies. How does one do that?  Well, you need to plant some strategic plants of course.  The front lawn is a grid of rows and columns, creating spaces that each can hold a plant.  As you progress through the main game, you’ll unlock all sorts of different plants.  There are a total of 49 different types of plants, each with their very own special abilities.  This makes sense when there are 26 types of zombies and several different settings (such as day or night) that allow different plants to strive.  Some plants explode on zombie-contact, some shoot peas to break down the zombies, some freeze them to slow them down, etc.  You don’t have to remember what everything does because, conveniently, when it starts to get hard to remember, you are awarded with an almanac that keeps you covered.  The in-game currency is “sun” which are first given out via the sunflower.  As you play, be sure to keep collecting suns because this is the currency that allows you to grow another plant during the level.  It resets at the start of each level, so collecting suns are just used to help you get through the level at hand.  But playing in the adventure mode, although the main game mode, is not all Plants vs. Zombies has to offer.

In fact, this game is so thorough as to offer its users many different styles of Plants vs. Zombies.  In a nice little shop, you can buy some mini-games using the more sustainable currency of coins.  There are so many mini-games that to describe them all without droning on for a week is ludicrous.  Not to mention that there’s a puzzle mode in addition to all the mini-games that also offers a handful of other options.  Each different game type puts a unique spin on the Adventure mode described above, in case you need a break from the 50 extensive levels it offers.  To get all of these different styles of play included in the one dollar app without having to go through any additional spending via in-app purchases is unfathomable nowadays.  In a day and age where the freemium model dominates the iOS gaming world (as much as I detest it), Plants vs. Zombies offers a not-so-subtle reminder that the people love games where they can buy the whole package at once and never have to worry about spending money to continue on thereafter.  And that doesn’t go to say that PvZ doesn’t offer in-app purchases, because they exist in the game too, but it is just really refreshing to play a non-freemium game.

So you’re still wondering why it’s not a 10/10, right?  After all, it is packed with time munching levels that keep the action at a high level; endless unlockables in terms of plants, zombies, and game types; and is a great bargain.  Well, this explanation is not going to cut it for some people…  To earn a 10/10, an app must really demonstrate that it offers an unnamable factor that goes above what you can list on paper in a pros/cons chart.  And no matter how good Plants vs. Zombies is (and I recognize that it is one of the best games all-time), for me at least, it still lacks that extra factor.  It’s hard to pinpoint it.  Is it the gameplay?  Perhaps it is, because it is pretty repetitive after a while, although each mode keeps the action refreshed and no two levels are the same, in Adventure mode, most levels are similar.  And I guess changing venues and zombie types and plant types can’t help that.  But I don’t know.  I sure can get over that nitpick, when a game is as fun as PvZ.  It really is something that you can’t explain in words that boosts up an app up to 10.  Argue me all you want, but Plants vs. Zombies is (for now) a 9/10.

-TheAppEmperor signing out

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