Stack the States™ – 10/10

Stack the States™

Stack the States™ is a United States oriented version of Stack the Countries™, which is an amazing educational game also.  Stack the States™ costs only $.99, a great deal for a dollar!  However in case you’re not convinced after reading this review, there is a free version available to try out.  Stack the States™ works very much the same way as its international counterpart, however it includes even more bonus minigames.

The main game consists of United States trivia, such as the geographical shapes of the states, notable cities, capitals, and borders.  Each question is accompanied by four states in a multiple choice style.  Choose correctly, and you’ll then receive that state, whichever the right answer was, to stack.  The objective is to stack the states up to the finish line.  Correct answers will give you states (you better hope for something other than Rhode Island!) to stack, while incorrect answers just lead you to a worse percentage.  You will need to reach a threshold percentage in order to receive a prize at the end of a successful level: a state for your map!  Getting states not only is an objective to one day fill up the whole country but they also give you bonus minigames when you reach certain milestones.

The bonus games include Map It!, Pile Up!, Puzzler, and Capital Drop.  Map It! gives you an empty map (no border lines drawn) and then asks you to tap where that state is located.  Three incorrect answers and you’re done.  Pile Up! continuously drops states down and then supplies you with a state name.  Tap that state in the pile and it disappears.  Slow down or mess up and the states will literally pile up too high.  Once they reach a certain height, you lose.  Puzzler makes the states into a jigsaw puzzle by supplying you with several and asking you to construct them as they are on the map.  Capital Drop is the last one you’ll unlock.  It has a type of conveyor belt where capital names as well as state pictures are dropped down.  You’ll need to tap a state and its capital as quick as possible!

Thus, Stack the States™ provides you with a huge slew of entertaining and educational games for just a buck, and this should not be passed by.  Even if you’re like me and think you have nothing more to know about American states, you are absolutely wrong.  There is information in this app, either presented in a flash card method or by means of game, that anybody can learn from.  Stack the States™ is an excellent game that is well done all around.  Easily a 10/10!

-TheAppEmperor *stacking* out


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