Raze – 6/10


Raze is a fairly unique free game that offers 20 free levels.  An in-app purchase worth a dollar will get you the subsequent 20 levels.  Raze combines frustrating physics puzzle with a sort of car-driving aspect, as the point of the game is to drive around your little car (see the icon) and somehow make the red block fall to the ground.  Green blocks move when you hit them, purple ones stay put.  You’ll have to drive wherever the level dictates for you to somehow knock off the red block to the ground.  For example, lets say there are two green blocks and a red block on top of them.  This is super easy: just drive into the green blocks with some speed and they’ll move out from under the red block, therefore causing it to land on the ground.  Level complete.  Do not be worried… they get MUCH harder than that.  The game itself could use some more free levels, but all in all the gameplay is great and fun for the 20 minutes that it takes to complete it, or come close.

The controls too are pretty interesting in Raze.  One corner of the screen is responsible for moving the car forward, while the other moves it backwards.  To turn the wheels, you tilt the device.  This seems simple, but when the car is facing the other direction, the perspective and camera angles don’t move, meaning that you actually have to tilt the device the opposite way, somewhat counterintuitive but you should get used to it.  This offers a nice segue into the next topic: perspective.  Raze switches up the perspectives quite unexpectedly from level to level.  Some are third person, not budging as you move around.  Others may be first person right above your car.  Some follow your movement, some do not.  This is cool, and very unique.  It also adds to the difficulty.

So that’s Raze.  A cool concept and nice physics-based game, but not really worth it for a free user.  The 20 levels take a little over 20 minutes for a skilled player to beat, but they are very fun while they last.  The $.99 for the next 20 levels is not a bad price, considering that you’ll get 40 levels total for essentially just a dollar.  That being said, it’s never a wise idea to go for an in-app purchase if you’re not lovingly thrilled with the game.  So Raze gets a 6/10 for now, but it has the potential to improve slowly but surely with a few good updates.

-TheAppEmperor signing out

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