Chrome – 9/10


Google Chrome is a free browser that many computer users are familiar with.  It has been on the iOS market for quite a while now, and it’s an excellent choice for mobile browser, should you be unhappy with Safari, which is pretty good as well.  In all honesty, Chrome is really a lot like Safari.  So here’s the basic breakdown of the Chrome browser.

Chrome has a really crisp interface that looks and acts well.  It contains a convenient drop-down menu that you can use to access some quick settings.  This is opposed to Safari, where you’d have to switch into the Settings app to make changes.  That’s an advantage that a third party browser has, although it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way.  You can also use this menu to access the Incognito “sub-browser.”  For those unfamiliar, browsing Incognito makes sure that no browsing history or cookies are saved anywhere (anywhere?).  This is a nice feature that has lots of practical uses.  And using it does not disturb you’re other browsing session in the main browser, so it’s almost like its own independent browser built into Chrome.

I like the way that Chrome looks when switching from tabs.  It’s certainly cooler than Safari’s bland look, although both get the job done equally as well.  There are also some touch features that you can use to switch quickly between tabs.  One thing that I feel is missing from Chrome is the ability to quickly swipe back or forward to go back and forward in your browsing.  In an effort to free up screen space for your webpage, Chrome’s address bar vanishes when scrolling or reading.  If you want to go back or forward, you should be able to swipe the page, but instead you must scroll around until you access that address bar once again and then you can click back or forward.  Not a big deal though, just something for Google to consider.

Chrome is of course made by Google, so you can sign into your Google account, and all things Google are sort of integrated into the browser quite well.  You may decide to use Google Voice Search instead of Siri.  It works but is not nearly as entertaining as talking to a (funny) robot.  Nevertheless, however, Apple and Google aren’t the best of friends, so you cannot make Chrome your default browser over Safari, even if you use Chrome all the time.  This means that whenever you click a link in an email or where ever, it will always open in Safari.  My last remark about Chrome is that it does not crash infrequently.  Okay, so without the double negative, that means that Chrome crashes often enough to make it a noticeable feature of the app.  The nice part is that after you reopen the app, it will ask whether you’d like to restore your previous session, and it does so for you, all tabs included, except for Incognito tabs.  Those are lost, I’m afraid.

So I hope that gets across all the key points of Google’s browser for iOS: Chrome.  It’s free so you can try it out risk-free.  It’s a quality app that you can trust for updates and for bad things to be worked out since that’s what large corporations like Google give people the big bucks to do.  Not that there’s anything wrong with Safari, but Chrome is another excellent option out there for those who wish to spice up their mobile browsing.  9/10!

-TheAppEmperor *browsing* out


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