Rolando Lite – 6/10

rolando lite

Rolando is a prehistoric game in terms of iOS, having come out in 2008.  It costs $0.99, but there is a free version (Rolando Lite).  A more modern version of Rolando came out as a sequel the following year, and it has much nicer graphics, etc.  As for Rolando Lite, back in its day, it may have been one of the best free “lite” games out there, but as of now, it’s just another mediocre free version that offers just a tiny fraction of the levels available on the full version.

The concept of the game is quite simple.  Save as many Rolandos as you can because they’re being threatened by some bad stuff.  There are all sorts of stuff in the way between the Rolandos and the exit.  You’ll have to jump them; roll them; move ramps, blocks, other Rolandos; and so on.  To do these, you’ll have to make use of all the features of the iPhone, including multi-touch gestures and the accelerometer.  The controls are far from easy, but they are pretty straightforward.  It will probably take some getting used to first, as I personally find it really annoying when selecting multiple Rolandos and trying to move them all, because once one gets stuck (missed the jump or whatnot), you’ll have to deselect all of them, then select that one and jump it over, then reselect all of them.  If things like this happen it makes it nearly impossible to collect that bonus by completing the level in the bonus threshold.  You also do not have to save all the Rolandos in a level.  There is once again a certain threshold to pass, but you can always hang back to collect the rest once you reach that threshold.

The gameplay isn’t all that bad, but if the controls were easier, that would make it more fun.  I need to mention the cool interactive menu that apps still don’t make use of nowadays.  It’s a cool menu.  The free version does not offer a long game, but it really shouldn’t.  It gets the point of the game across very nicely, and therefore does its job as a lite version.  Because Retina graphics did not exist back then, Rolando Lite obviously doesn’t feature them.  The graphics are pretty weak compared to the latest of apps, but I find it easy to look past that.  I guess it is important to keep in mind that this is a “vintage” app.  Try to put it in perspective when playing.  The App Store itself was released earlier in the same year as Rolando.  Even in modern perspectives, Roland isn’t that bad of a game.  But if it was revamped, it would only be that much better.  6/10.

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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