Netflix – 8/10


Netflix is a great service that offers subscribers access to tons of movies and TV shows.  But this is not a review of the service, it’s a review of the iOS app that Netflix users can download for free to access their entertaining movies or shows anywhere they go.  The Netflix app is pretty solid.  It allows the user pretty much all the features that are available on the computer.  It will switch between standard and high definition depending on the quality of the cell service.  There are two things specifically that are not fan favorites.  The first is that you cannot turn off the automatic start of the next episode if you’re watching a show.  So if you only want to watch one episode, the next will start and you’ll just have to stop it manually.  In previous versions, this feature could be disabled, but now it is standard.  Also, there is no way to access the list of episodes from the video viewing, which can be done on the computer.  To see a list of episodes and where exactly you are in the series, you must close out of the video.  But other than those minor complaints, the Netflix app is great.  The app does not tend to lag or become choppy, which is a common issue with other video apps when they’re struggling to buffer a video.  I also like the feature that allows you to rewind 10 seconds back in the video, but I sometimes wonder why exactly it’s there.  To move about a video you can slide the playhead around for scrubbing.  So that’s all there is to the Netflix app.  If you already have the service, why not grab the app?  If you don’t have Netflix, it may be worth it to inquire.  8/10!

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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