Traffic Panic – 5/10

traffic panic

Traffic Panic is a now-free game that actually is turning into somewhat of a series of games.  The idea is really simple: you are in control of your very own traffic light!  Don’t cause the cars to crash (that’s bad; it will also end your game) and get as many cars through the intersection as possible.  There is no controlled traffic traveling left to right, so you must turn the light to green when you see a plausible break in that rush of cars to let some of the cars going up through.  It is a very simple concept but for some reason makes you want to keep playing.  There aren’t really many incentives besides the “coin” system.  These coins can grab you some new and more challenging stages, but they cost a lot of coins and quite frankly, getting coins without buying them via in-app purchase is annoying.  There is the classic gameplay that lets you go until you cause a crash, and the timed gameplay that sees your score given a brief turn at the traffic light.  Traffic Panic has pretty bad graphics and advertisements take up nearly a third of the screen, but I like it every once in a while to waste some time since it can be a bit fun.  Either way, it’s still much better than Traffic Master.  5/10.

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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