One Year in TheAppEmpire

On June 16, 2012, TheAppEmpire began as a method to create a categorized database of as many apps as possible due to our vast collection of apps and the enjoyment of reviewing them.  If any review could help someone regarding apps, then it’s worth it.  Today is June 16, 2013.  TheAppEmpire has been in existence for one year (almost to the hour).  It has come a long way since then, and as a tribute to the work that went into it as well as a thank you to all of those who support TheAppEmpire, here’s a quick “year in review”.

TheAppEmpire has reviewed a total of 180 apps so far, and has ranked a top ten on two occasions.  The website has been viewed 4,897 times, with the best day (in terms of views) coming on January 4, with 136.  The top five reviews in terms of views are:
5. Text Free with TextFree: Real Phone Number Included – 9/10, with 121 views
4. Flow – 7/10, with 170 views
3. CSR Racing – 6/10, with 255 views
2. Shazam VS. SoundHound, with 428 views
1. Bad Piggies – 9/10, with 477 views

The top five countries in terms of views are:
5. Australia, with 124 views
4. Brazil, with 193 views
3. Canada, with 262 views
2. United Kingdom, with 438 views
1. United States, with 2,512 views

Contact TheAppEmpire via Twitter @TheAppEmpire or via email at if you are interested in having an app reviewed/featured.  Thank you, and now the second year of TheAppEmpire begins!

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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