Earn to Die – 10/10

earn to die

Earn to Die is another amazing zombie game for iOS!  Who knew that to make an awesome game, all you have to do is add some zombies?  It seems that every zombie game out there is superb, and Earn to Die is absolutely no exception.  For $.99, a price that is well worth it, you can get your hands on this great game that will keep you occupied for a very long time without any annoying advertisements or any schemes to make you pay for pieces of the game.

The premise is as follows: you survived the zombie apocalypse and you need to make your way up the United States to the Air Force base so that you can be flown into safety.  Separating you and the base are eight venues that you’ll need to drive through.  Each is packed with zombies that you can drive right through (or shoot if you buy the gun, more on that in a bit).  Driving through zombies does slow you down though.  Basically, you have a little bit of fuel, so you can only go a little bit at first.  Let’s say you can travel through a tenth of the level.  Then “Day 1” is over and you now have some money based on how far you traveled and how many zombies you killed.  This money can be spent upgrading your vehicle.  The first thing you probably will do is increase the amount of fuel in your car so that you can go farther and farther each time.  But there are a bunch of other great upgrades: two engine upgrades, two gearbox upgrades, two wheels upgrades, two zombie kit upgrades (these are sharp attachments to the front of the vehicle so that you aren’t slowed down as much by hitting things), a gun upgrade (with sub-upgrades to increase the ammunition), and a booster upgrade that makes you really fast when you press the boost button (it also starts off with a little amount of boost but you’ll upgrade it).  Then once you bought all that, maybe you can finally finish the level and move onto the next one of the eight.  So the game is plenty long.

There are also eight vehicles, which all have the same types of upgrades, although when you purchase the next vehicle all the default parts are better than the ones on the previous vehicle, so it’s not like you’re starting over.  Each vehicle costs more and more, and each upgrade on each vehicle also increases drastically.  But it’s alright because the better your vehicle, the more you earn, and the more you can upgrade.

I should probably throw in a small paragraph about the controls.  They’re super easy: one accelerator button, one boost button, and two tilt buttons to keep your vehicle in control as you fly off things and race through things.  The gun fires at the nearest zombies on its own.

Finishing story mode will leave you sad, because there’s no more game left… but then you’ll realize that there is still more!  This accomplishment will unlock Halloween mode and Championship mode.  Halloween mode is a really interesting twist.  Each of the eight levels is strewn with pumpkins (on the ground and in the air) and it’s your job to smash all of them.  You have all of your vehicles to chose from, so you’ll have to pick the one that suits the job best.  And you can keep trying, if you miss pumpkins, with another vehicle that may be best for smashing the remaining ones.  Championship mode tests your ability to use a limited budget.  Each level gives you a car and some money to use on upgrades, but not a lot.  You’ll have to strategize to figure out what upgrades are most important, as the object of this mode is to finish each level in the fastest amount of time.

Earn to Die is a very smooth and clean app, and there is absolutely nothing about it that I’d change.  There are so many more little nuances that make Earn to Die as great as it is, but I cannot possibly explain them all.  I really recommend this game for all iOS gamers as it is well worth the dollar.  In fact, a dollar is a bargain.  Get the game and play it nonstop.  You don’t have to thank me.  10/10!

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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