Bombcats – 3/10


Bombcats is a brand new free game from the great Chillingo Ltd that just doesn’t work for me.  In a world with cats that explode, you need to launch them around the stages to free the trapped cats.  So basically, the cats need to get as close to the other cats as possible, then explode to free their buddies.  There are several types of cats: for example, Fuzzball (the first cat unlocked) just rolls around after you launch, Clawdia grabs onto the ground or walls that she is launched to, Bolt can make long, quick jumps, etc.

To launch a cat, you just drag back on it and release at the desired angle.  Therefore, the controls are super easy.  You have a certain number of jumps or moves until the cat will explode by itself, so you must be smart about launching, which can also be done in midair, by the way.  If you want the cat to explode without having used all your moves, just tap the button on the bottom right.  It’s as simple as that.  But the game lacks a hook; there is nothing that appeals to me to keep me playing.  It’s not that it’s completely boring, but it’s just not extremely fun.  Bombcats does contain pretty good graphics and a huge amount of levels.  The problem is that in order to move onto the next level, you must get three “stars” on the current one.  And the stars are not earned by saving all the locked-up cats.  In addition to doing that, you must fulfill all the individual level requirements, which isn’t usually all that hard, but sometimes can be quite annoying.  For the most part, just saving the cats and collecting all the items (conveniently lined up where you should be launching the cat) will gain you all the stars, but not always.  This makes it really boring if you get stuck on a level, because you’ll have to play it again and again and again.  Not to mention that many levels have sub-stages on them so you’ll have to start from the beginning and replay all of them.  The so-called world map does attempt to fix this by creating a few different paths to go about playing the levels, but an inconveniently placed toughie will certainly be more of an annoyance than a blast (pun absolutely intended).

Altogether I find this game very unnaturally reminiscent of Early Bird, which I also did not enjoy.  If you play both, you’ll find that, give or take a few animals and some minor details, they are pretty much the same game…  My biggest issues with Bombcats lay in the gameplay, so the problems are not ones that can be easily be worked out in later updates.  But because Chillingo is such a great company, I’m not completely recommending that you leave this one on the shelf.  Perhaps Bombcats just isn’t my game but it will be quite fun for you.  So give it a whirl if you wish, it is free after all.

-TheAppEmperor *exploding* out


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