Cut the Rope: Time Travel – 8/10

cut the rope time travel

The next installment of what is perhaps my all-time favorite series has arrived!  Cut the Rope: Time Travel is the latest version of Cut the Rope, following Cut the Rope Experiments and Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift.  It costs $.99 but the price is worth it.  The unique spin on this version is that Om Nom has traveled back in time.  That means that there is the present-day Om Nom and his ancestors to feed!  Two Om Noms to feed in every level!  And each level pack details the journey through time, hitting up the Stone Age, Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, Pirate Ship, the Renaissance, and the Middle Ages. Those are the six level packs, each with 15 levels (there always used to be 25 levels per pack in the other versions, so the slight downsizing might not be noticed by all, but to an avid fan like myself, that means a lot).  In case you don’t have a calculator close by, I’ll do the math for you: there are 90 levels total, and the reoccurring promise of new levels “soon.”

So what else does CTR: Time Travel bring to the series?  It introduces some new ideas, like chains (which can only be cut by hitting them with blades found elsewhere in the level), dials that rotate certain things, bombs (which blow up upon contact with anything else) and some more.  A lot of old-timers were brought back too.  Overall, and it may just be that I have a lot more CTR experience now, but Time Travel seems a significantly large amount easier than the other games.  That, and the fact that they gip you on levels, makes the game fly by extremely fast.  But, you just cannot turn down new CTR games.  I will always buy them but I sure hope that a trend with CTR is beginning… If you’ve played any CTR in the past, then you still should really get Cut the Rope: Time Travel, but savor it while you breeze through it because although there is less, the quality is as great as ever.  8/10!

-TheAppEmperor *cutting* out


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