Airspin – 5/10



Airspin is a free airplane simulator that is a little disappointing although it can be quite entertaining at times.  The basic gist of the game is that you’re the pilot of a plane and you control it by tilting your device in all directions.  The motion is three-dimensional, as one would expect flight should be.  There is a brake button to slow down the plane, and also a boost button to give the plane a short-lasted boost, but this can be used continuously if you keep pressing the button, so it doesn’t serve as much of a purpose as it would if you only got a certain amount of boosts and had to use them wisely.  You can do all stuff that a plane can do, including land and takeoff, if you are careful.  If you land too hard or hit into something, you will crash and your game is over.

There are two types of games: the free fly mode and the Collect Mode.  When freely flying, you just fly freely.  Do whatever you want so long as you don’t crash.  In Collect Mode, you’re job is to explore the complex island map, flying through icons that are located above every landmark (there are quite a few).  The map is pretty exceptional, as it has so many nuances to explore.  You are of course under a time limit, but the game continues the next time you play, so you don’t ever have to collect the same landmark twice.  There are three maps (only one that comes free with the game).  Now the others can be unlocked by means of “coins” which in all honesty are really ambiguous.  Sure, you can get yourself some of these by paying money for them or by liking the Facebook page.  But there’s not really a way to get these coins in the gameplay, which is disappointing.  Even if a few coins were given for finding a new landmark, that would be so much better.  Also, there are a bunch of cool planes to buy with these coins.

Airspin is known to crash on a lot of certain devices, so check the compatibility list before downloading.  Also, don’t be shocked if it crashes anyway on a compatible device, as it is a pretty unstable app.  It takes a long time to load too.  And they know it.  While loading a level, it says, “this might take a while.”  And it’s not like the graphics are amazing.  They’re good and I’m not complaining but they could of course be a little crisper.  All in all though, Airspin is a great idea.  It may not be original, after all the Nintendo Wii had a very, very, very similar idea years ago, however I like this on the iPhone platform.  With some small fixes, Airspin could become wonderful.  With large fixes, it could be one of the best apps out there.  But as for now, 5/10.

-TheAppEmperor *flying* out


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