Subway Surfers – 10/10

subway surfers2

Subway Surfers is an amazing game that is absolutely free (no gimmicks to only allow you play half without paying).  It also is very fun and extremely addicting.  This game is a bit reminiscent of Temple Run but yet so different.  It starts out as you are spraying some graffiti on a subway wall when the cops find you and the chase is on!  You have to run as far as possible, but the game speeds up significantly as you go along.  What makes it interesting is that there’s a slew of trains, signals, and other obstacles in your way.  You must swipe up to jump over something, down to duck under something, and left and right to move over.  There are three lanes that you can move about.  Try to collect as many coins as possible during the run.  The coins are helpful sometimes in that they lead the way if you’re unsure where to go.

But what can coins get you?  Well for one, they can upgrade your four power-ups to make each last longer.  Speaking of power-ups, you have the coin magnet, the super shoes (that make you jump higher and farther), the jetpack (that sends you up above the trains where you can collect hundreds of coins), and the multiplier doubler.  You can also buy hoverboards, which are activated by double tapping, that basically act as a shield for 30 seconds so if you crash into something you can keep playing.  Coins can also buy you out of some missions (note the segue into the next topic).  Missions come in groups of three and make the game so much more fun and addicting.  Completing the three missions will increase your score multiplier by 1 x.  The max multiplier is 30 x but missions continue to give you special boxes filled with miscellaneous items.  You can also get these boxes by randomly finding them in the game or by completing daily missions.  A daily mission just gives you a word and you must find all the letters to that word in the game.  They’re usually four or five letters so it’s easy.

Lately, Subway Surfers has been on its “world tour.”  This means that every month a new update changes the game to place the setting in a different global subway.  They’ve hit up New York, Sydney, Rome, now they’re in Tokyo, and so many more cities.  This adds a nice spontaneous flavor to an already awesome game and it just shows you how much the developers care to make the game even better.  In conclusion, Subway Surfers has so much to offer to all kinds of players from casual to very serious.  It also has that ability to take a casual player and turn him into a serious one.  I’ll say this so that your can’t tell your friends and family that you didn’t know: beware, Subway Surfers is super addicting.  Doesn’t get much better for a free game.  10/10!

-TheAppEmperor *surfing* out


One thought on “Subway Surfers – 10/10

  1. Its simplicity is geared for kids, but the theme is not. While relatively harmless and kids clearly love it, I question the premise of dodging police and trying to paint (graffiti) as many trains as you can. I certainly appreciate much artistic graffiti in our world, but when it’s done for the sake of defacing public property and the emphasis is on its illegality, I don’t think this is the best scenario for a kid’s app.

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