Aerox – 9/10


Aerox is a really great game that is currently free, so be sure to download it soon!  The way it works is that you control a ball by complete tilt controls.  The only on-screen control is one button that allows you to brake the ball to slow down (you can also drag the screen around to change the camera angle if you would like).  The goal is to tilt your way through the levels to the end.  The game takes place on platforms in the sky, so rolling off the side will start you back at the beginning.  The more difficult levels have checkpoints too, so falling off would start you back at your most recent checkpoint.  You will have to maneuver your way along slim railings, off ramps, off jumps, around moving and stationary obstacles, through tunnels, etc., even move objects around to make a nice pathway to roll along.  The levels progress at a nice pace, to the point where they are really hard at the end.  The end… that’s really my only complaint about Aerox.  The end comes to soon.  There are currently 36 levels, but I’ll admit that some of them get pretty long.  Aerox is just such a great game that you never want to finish. Another great thing about Aerox is that as you progress you unlock different types of balls to use.  They are pretty cool designs to go along with the crisp and futuristic layout of the game.

For a free game, there is nothing to dislike about Aerox (while it lasts).  The game is very smooth and has a unique twist to a very simple idea.  I’m a little perplexed that no one thought of this type of game sooner.  Well, I’ve seen games very similar, but Aerox does it at a whole new level.  Even if the price of Aerox goes up, it still may be worth the money.  9/10!

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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