Mr Smoosh – 7/10

mr smoosh

The Amazing Mr. Smoosh is a brand new free game from Blackbilly Studios.  The object is to control Mr. Smoosh by tilting your iPhone to keep him from entering the water.  But… The island that he bounces on is just as squishy as he is and jumping on it will deform it and eventually cause him to drown!  But wait!  There are bubbles that fall down from the heavens that allow Mr. Smoosh to jump on them instead, each bubble bouncing him a little higher and higher.  It is your job to keep him jumping on these bubbles, up and up and up until you eventually can reach the cosmos.  There are (of course!) enemies that you must watch out for.  They too fall down from the sky and blast you in random directions, usually straight for the dreaded water.  They can also chill on the island so watch out where you land when you’re falling back towards the ground.  As you complete missions through the awesome mission system you can level up, which unlocks you more type of items in the bubbles.  For example, you can unlock a rocket-type launcher to shoot you up to the stars or a bubble magnet that makes the bubbles come closer.

That’s pretty much all there is to the game.  Very simple to learn, quick and easy to grab a round here or there, and as for the controls, just tilt.  The graphics are a simple 3-D, but something bothers me about the main menu.  It seems blurry for some reason although the rest of the game is beautifully crisp.  Mr Smoosh (as the official title reads, but the main menu reads “The Amazing Mr. Smoosh”) is pretty unique and definitely very fun but as all new games, it has some minor nuances that will be ironed out with a few updates.  And when I say this, I don’t mean that the game crashes or anything, but I would recommend some more detailed instructions about the missions and what exactly they do for you, and other trivial things like this.  When creating a simple game like this, one must watch out for coming off as too boring, and Mr. Smoosh is certainly not too boring, however after a while I’ll admit it is not as riveting as it once was.  The solution?  Put down the game and come back later.  Then it will be fine again. I guess what I’m saying is that this game doesn’t have the ability to captivate the audience for hours on end, but it certainly serves the purpose of an iPhone game, and that is to kill time here and there by having fun with fictional characters in a world made of gooey creatures.  7/10!

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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