PapiJump VS. Doodle Jump

papijump vs. doodle jump

Recently, Doodle Jump was reviewed.  Doodle Jump is very similar to PapiJump, so what better way to see which one is better than with a direct comparison?!  For the full review of Doodle Jump, click here.

Let’s first describe PapiJump in some detail (the blue icon):
PapiJump came out almost 5 years ago (that’s a long time!).  It is free, but there is a premium version that apparently includes some more level types.  I have the free version and it’s completely fun.  The idea is to tilt the device to keep Mr. Papi on platforms.  When he hits the platform, he immediately jumps upward and you must tilt to safely land him on another platform that he jumps upward off of, and on and so forth.  I really like how PapiJump (the free version) has six level types to give the game some variation and added difficulties.  The first is the normal one, where there is just Mr. Papi and some platforms.  Go up as high as you can.  If you reach a certain points threshold, you unlock the next level: Fall.  This one is more challenging, as once you land on a platform, it falls down and you cannot land on it again.  You really must plan out every jump, since you can’t fall back on your previous platform.  There are also some boost platforms that shoot you up extra far.  A higher score on Normal or a moderate score on Fall unlocks Enemy.  This method of unlocking levels is used for the next several levels: Right, Down, and Right+Enemy.  I really like how you can still unlock levels even if you’re bad at the previous level.  For example, if I’m terrible at Fall, I can still unlock Enemy by doing extra good on Normal.  So that’s PapiJump in a nutshell.

Now for the comparison…  So how does PapiJump stand up to the ever-so-popular Doodle Jump?
I happen to like PapiJump a bit more than Doodle Jump, although it is very debatable.  Here’s why:
PapiJump, first of all, is free, whereas Doodle Jump costs a dollar for the “base model.”  Doodle Jump has plenty of themes, but they do not change the game at all.  Sure, they’re cool, but they’re pretty pointless, especially when compared to the large variation that PapiJump gives you with the six unlockable levels.  Doodle Jump probably has better graphics, although both games are so simple that we don’t require crystal-clear looks.  But let’s face it.  The games are very similar.  If you want to think about which one is more original, that would be PapiJump, since Doodle Jump obviously sought to emulate the success of its counterpart, albeit with some interesting twists.  But PapiJump gives you a better bang for your buck and has some more interesting variations with the difficulty.

WINNER: PapiJump has got to be the winner of this comparison for the reasons outlined right above.  But the debate can be argued either way.  So what do you think?  Is PapiJump the better game, or is it Doodle Jump all the way?  Vote now and make your voice heard in the poll below.

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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