94 Seconds – 10/10

94 seconds

94 Seconds is a great free game that will keep you playing for way longer than just 94 seconds.  This thinking game gives you 94 seconds to compile the highest score you can.  So how do you score points?  Simple: the game will give you a starting letter and a category; it’s your job to come up with something that fits both of those restrictions.  If you’re creative or thoughtful enough to think up something that the game considers rare or time-consuming to type, then you can earn two points for that response.  If it is an answer that makes sense but is not quite worth two points, you receive one point.  If you answer incorrectly, or something that doesn’t fit the restrictions, then you won’t get any points.  You also can skip if you’re stuck, but keep in mind it will cost you a three second penalty.  And time is the hardest part about 94 Seconds, so you must work efficiently and try not to skip if it won’t be advantageous.  After your time is up, you will see a tally sheet of all your responses and how many points you get.  It is at this time where you can see your streaks and get extra points for them.  A streak of five will give you another point, a streak of ten will give you five points, and so on.  It is very hard to streak for twenty (some people don’t even answer twenty questions in the time limit).  If you get something wrong, it will give you an example of a correct response, so you can always learn.  Also, if you spell something wrong and it’s close enough, the game will reward you the proper amount of points.  So spelling doesn’t really matter (thanks!).

You do have some handy power-ups to help you out.  I personally never use them, but they can be very helpful.  You can pause the game and get a preview of your next ten prompts, you can get an automatic answer if you happen to be stuck during a streak, and stuff like that.  94 Seconds can get super competitive, and you can even compete directly with your Facebook friends.

I will admit that there is not an extreme data base of unique prompts, so some of them will start to repeat if you play a lot.  But the game accepts such a huge variety of answers that you can always respond differently.  And if you type something that you think should be accepted but wasn’t, you can send that right along to the creators with the press of a button.  94 Seconds is up to a lot of strategic thinking: do you play slowly and steadily going for a streak? Is it best to go furiously fast to answer as many as possible?

Here’s a few examples of some prompts: “units of measurement; M”
You could say “meter” for one point or “microfarad” for two points.

“musical instruments; K”
“keyboard” would get you a point while “kettle drum” would grab you two.

Then check out how you are compared to the world on the Stats page, where you’ll find all sorts of useful and cool statistics about you as a 94 Seconds player.  To sum it up, get 94 Seconds!  It is an amazing game and completely free!  10/10!

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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