Eliminate Pro – 9/10

eliminate pro

Eliminate Pro was an excellent first-person robot-flavored shooter that unfortunately has been taken off the shelves of the App Store because of the company’s new focus on some other games.  Although, admittedly, I have not played Eliminate Pro in quite a long time, when I found out the servers had shut down (about a year ago?!), I couldn’t help but feeling a bit saddened.  Even though you can no longer download the free Eliminate Pro, TheAppEmpire would not be complete without a tribute to what was perhaps the iPhone’s best first-person shooter.

Eliminate Pro put you into the armor of a robot, in combat of course, throughout various maps.  It was an online game, meaning that you would play actual players from other parts of the world.  If you wanted to play offline, you could do that too, but they would just be considered practice rounds and wouldn’t contribute to any of your progress in the game.  The controls were very simple and made sense: a joystick to walk around; dragging the screen anywhere else would move around your view; tapping the bottom of the screen would shoot (double tap for rapid fire); jump by pressing the bottom in the center.  The graphics were pretty good considering Retina did not exist for almost all of the lifespan of Eliminate Pro.  The game was an early prototype of what we now call freemium.  The app was free and it didn’t cost anything to play, however to get the most advanced armors and weapons, you’d have to pay.  It was never a problem though, as you could still advance pretty far without paying money.  This game was also the first that I can remember to have energy that depletes as you play, making you wait or pay if you run out and still want to play more.

The game was just like any other first-person shooter in terms of gameplay.  Eliminate Pro was kind of like Halo, with fictional weapons such as vaporizers, but also with some real stuff.  Armor and weapons were completely upgradable (using credits).  The game also offered co-op games, which made it pretty awesome and social at the same time.  In fact, Eliminate Pro was a very social game as each player had a unique username and chats were available.  Just as you would in other shooters, you progressed through the game by leveling up and unlocking new stuff to use.  Lastly, each map had random power-ups spread around it, like temporary invincibility, a first aid kit, an accelerator, etc.

There were a lot of maps, a lot of weapons, and a lot of players back in its heyday.  It’s such a shame that the servers were shut down, as now it is impossible to even play single player.  And now I feel a bit bad that I stopped playing Eliminate Pro because this review really makes me want to play it again.  It was one of the first apps I had on my old iPod Touch back in 2009 when it came out…  9/10…

-TheAppEmperor *reminiscing* out


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