MyScript Calculator – 7/10

myscript calculator

MyScript Calculator is a popular free app right now, probably due to its feature on a recent Apple commercial.  This app is a calculator with a very interesting twist: instead of typing expressions for it to solve, you just handwrite them in and it will quickly and efficiently convert it to text then solve it.  This is a very cool approach to math, and it certainly makes solving more complex expressions a lot easier.  Whereas on a traditional calculator, you would have to use a lot of parenthesis to group terms (making everything a lot more messy) or perhaps even calculate something step by step by step, MyScript Calculator allows for you to write out a whole sloppy expression filled with radicals, trigonometry (it allows for you to switch between degrees and radians), complex fractions, you name it, and it will solve it in one step.  I will admit that there is not a whole lot of use here for upper level mathematics, as some key operations are not recognized, but it does cover a lot of math that one would not generally encounter.  Also, I would love to see a graphing utility added, as this is a major reason that a lot of people use calculators in the first place.  A major complaint of mine is that I actually feel, although it may not be as cool, that typing is easier to do on an iPhone than handwriting something, just by nature of the screen and finger.  If you have a stylus for your iDevice, then yes, the MyScript Calculator would be easier, but by hand, writing is pretty annoying to do on an iPhone.  And although the app does a very good job recognizing handwriting, I have had some problems where it assumed that I forgot certain symbols when I actually purposely neglected them.  But if you are a casual math user and you’re looking for an interesting way to solve some math, MyScript Calculator is pretty solid.  And hey, it’s free.  There is certainly room for improvement, but I really like the idea behind it: 7/10!

-TheAppEmperor *calculating* out


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