Bike Baron – 7/10

bike baron

Bike Baron is a pretty awesome biking game from Mountain Sheep that will cost you $0.99 to own.  It is similar to Bike Race by Top Free Games in that it allows you to control a motorbike through levels full of loops, jumps, flips, and more.  The graphics are excellent and the controls are very simple, but do take a little bit to get situated on: there are stop/go buttons on one side (the stop doubles as a reverse button) and tilt left/right buttons on the other.  But unlike the simplicity of its controls, Bike Baron is anything but simple.

The game progresses through series of levels that become harder and harder, to a point where they are honestly impossible.  This marks a major con in Bike Baron.  I never though I’d say it, but eventually this game is just too hard to be any fun.  But let’s focus on the other, easier, more fun aspects.  All in all there are 121 levels, each unlocked by one star.  Considering that you can get up to three stars on each level (by finishing, collecting all coins, achieving a certain time…), it shouldn’t be much of a problem to unlock levels.  In addition, there are plenty of user created games that can be downloaded via codes on the Bike Baron website.  Admittedly, this is a pretty tedious method of expanding the game, but it’s almost worth it because the level creator on Bike Baron is state-of-the-art.  You can create endless amounts of levels to your imagination’s extent, with all the action that you want packed right in them.

Furthermore, anticipating the difficulty, Bike Baron is packed with checkpoints in case you crash, run into explosives, or land upside-down.  As far as I could tell, you can crash as many times as you need to and just resume from the checkpoints without any consequence, which is strange, but hey, I’ll take it.  Several bikes/riders are given for free to use, while others may be purchased for money.  I would like a little shop where you can use the coins that you collect in the levels to purchase other bikes, instead of the juxtaposition between the costly bikes and the free bikes.

But all in all, the minor complaints that I may have are vastly overshadowed by the absolute awesomeness of Bike Baron.  Is it worth your dollar?  Sure it is (but keep in mind that you may never get to all 121 levels).  Bike Baron is just one of those games that you can get hooked on and have a hard time putting down.  7/10!

-TheAppEmperor *biking* out


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