Turbolab Pursuit – 4/10

turbolab pursuit

Turbolab Pursuit is a new and popular free game that I guess I just don’t see the value of.  The idea is pretty cool actually.  You get to customize and create this car-like vehicle that is used to run away from the bad guys.  But, the actual game is not so fun.  First of all, it takes a very long time to load each time the app is opened (even when you never fully closed it).  And the graphics aren’t even that good either.  Anyway, the game has two buttons.  A shoot button and a jump button.  It is similar to Tiny Wings in that you should time the jumps to get the maximum speed.  And whenever a bomb-dropping enemy is close by, just hit the fire button to take care of them.  That being said, it’s not a really stimulating game and I find it quite boring.  However, the coins that are gathered while playing can contribute to all sorts of customizations of your vehicle: color modifications, body shapes, all kinds of extra things to make it cooler, etc.  These upgrades don’t have a huge impact on the gameplay but they are fun nevertheless.  If only there was just something else added to the gameplay.  I’ll leave that up to the developers but I definitely feel that something is really missing.  Which is a shame, since otherwise Turbolab Pursuit could be an awesome game; until then it’s stuck with a 4/10.

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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