Burt Destruction – 4/10

burt destruction

Burt Destruction is a new free game.  I find my thoughts about Burt Destruction pretty contradictory.  On one side, the gameplay is really bad and I do not find it fun.  On the other hand, there is a nice storyline and the game has plenty of unlockables and other stuff like that.  But the way I see it, there’s no point to play a game that’s not fun to play, even if it has a bunch of other stuff.

The object of the game is to jump along platforms and collect coins while jumping on top of enemies.  Sooner than later, you will turn into a giant if you’re playing well, in which case you are pretty much invincible.  You can also press a button (when active) to call an ally to help you out with destroying enemies.  There are a good amount of levels, but it’s not like Angry Birds status.  I could see beating this game in a few days of moderate playing if I really wanted to.  You can use your coins to buy costumes for Burt, upgrade your allies, upgrade the power-ups that are sprinkled around the levels.  The store is a bit pricy, but I bet if you play a lot then you’d gather enough coins to go shopping.

Overall, as I already mentioned, the gameplay isn’t very fun or captivating due to its boring simplicity.  There are pretty good graphics, a store and coin system, power-ups, and unlockable allies and levels.  I just think that the former outweighs the latter, but since Burt Destruction is free, there’s no harm in trying it out yourself.

-TheAppEmperor singing out


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