The Imbecile Test – 1/10

the imbecile test

The Imbecile Test is a free app that quizzes you on a whole bunch of trick questions.  The goal is to finish the quiz as fast as possible.  This app was really good a few years ago, however then new updates and all the new quizzes that they’ve added (for $.99 each of course) made this app really pretty bad.  The one free test is still Christmas-themed (nothing wrong with Christmas, but it just goes to show how they don’t even bother updating this app).  The graphics are still 2005-style and the game does not have any good puzzles.  Usually all the questions have about four interactive choices, one being the correct one, all other options ending the quiz.  The largest problem is that the quiz is the same every time.  Once you remember the answer from when you lost the last time, well that’s that.  Now you can pass that question.  Eventually, once you finish, the best time is really just a race to see how fast you can remember the answers, not a race to see how fast you can answer the questions.  Overall, The Imbecile Test is a worthless app and I do not recommend wasting your time with it.  It just makes me angry to think back a few years ago to when this app wasn’t a money-making piece of junk.  It actually used to be quite fun and never asked for money.  I liked that.  Neglect and poor execution led The Imbecile Test down to a 1/10.

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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