Shotgun Free 2: Duel – 8/10

shotgun free 2- duel


Shotgun Free 2: Duel is a really funny app that turns a cool concept into a game.  If you’re unfamiliar with the Shotgun Free app, it allows you to move your device in a back, forth motion to cock a shotgun, then a quick flick of the wrist upward fires it complete with sound and vibration.  The sequel, Shotgun Free 2: Duel makes this cool app into a game by have a lot of achievements to earn points, which can be used to block advertisements or better yet to purchase a multitude of new shotguns.  They have a really cool arsenal with stuff such as laser guns and so many great unlockable shotguns.  Best part?  You don’t have to pay for them, just complete achievements to get points.  There is also a great duel feature that allows you to have an old fashion duel with a buddy.  As long as you are connected over the same WiFi network, you may select your weapon then cock and shoot as quickly as possible after a three second countdown. Overall, the game is pretty well put together and combines a fun time-wasting shotgun with the full excitement of unlockable items.  The multiplayer duel is just another reason to grab Shotgun Free 2: Duel; 8/10!

-TheAppEmperor *shooting* out


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