Harry Potter: Spells – 2/10

harry potter- spells

As big of a Harry Potter fan as I am, I am very disappointed in Harry Potter: Spells, which is a Warner Bros. app that currently costs an outrageous $2.99.  This game takes you through your first trip into the wizarding world, starting with a letter from Hogwarts, then a wand selection, then house sorting.  From here you can advance through the game by learning spells.  Really it’s just five minutes worth of playing:  all you do is click on a spell that you’d like to learn and draw the corresponding shape.  Each spell has a specific shape (like an hourglass or a triangle); draw the shape correctly a few times and you’ve learned that spell.  If you’d like to waste even more money, you can buy additional spells because this game really doesn’t have very many.  Once you’ve “mastered” your spells you can duel.  I would really like to explain how awesome the duels are, but there’s a large issue: they always crash.  If working properly, you can duel single player, or via bluetooth against your friend.  It’s a nice idea but really poorly executed.  Basically, you may chose a spell to cast by drawing its corresponding shape.  There are attacking spells and defending spells.  The goal is to decrease your opponent’s power to zero before yours is gone.

Furthermore, this game seems like it hasn’t been updated in years as it still has poor graphics and does not make proper use of the accelerometer.  Supposedly, you may draw the shapes in the air instead of drawing them on the screen (which is totally awesome) but I have never gotten it to work properly.  And all this is most certainly not worth the price of $3.  I’m really upset as a Harry Potter fan because an app like this had so much potential to be great, but unfortunately it just doesn’t make the cut.  2/10.

-TheAppEmperor *spellcasting* out


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