Plague Inc. VS. Pandemic 2.5

plague inc. vs pandemic 2.5

Plague Inc. and Pandemic 2.5 are essentially the same game.  The idea is that one person contracts some type of disease, and it spreads all over the world, infecting people and  causing harm such as death.  The goal?  Gruesomely to eradicate all humans on the earth.  Each app will run you $0.99.

Pandemic 2.5 (the icon with the skull):
This is a game that seems like a basic (but extremely difficult) version of the plot explained above.  You can choose out of three difficulty levels and three types of diseases (bacterial, viral, and parasitic).  They each have their perks but none will give you an advantage.  So the game starts with an infected person in some country (you hope it’s a strategically good country).  By earning points from spreading the infection, you can add genes to the DNA that give you symptoms such as cough, sneeze… kidney failure, hemorrhaging…  You can also alter the DNA to make the infection more spreadable in different types of climates, able to travel via plane or ship, or able to resist drug treatment.  Pandemic is very scientific and realistic, giving you a full definition of all the traits before you activate them.  Play to beat the scientists who are trying to create a vaccine.  The graphics are not good and there is a lot of waiting for your disease to spread into a pandemic.  It is sometimes hard to sift through the statistics that you’re given to figure out what the next step to take should be.

Plague Inc. (the red icon):
With the same idea as Pandemic 2.5, Plague Inc. just goes to show how differently something can be expressed.  The similarities are striking, and the goal is to spread the infection to grab points that can be used to alter DNA (sound familiar?).  But first I’ll describe the game setup.  Plague Inc. offers three difficulties and seven plague types (bacteria, virus, fungus, parasite, prion, nano-virus, and bio-weapon) that each behave differently.  For example, fungus is hard to spread over large distances, but you can use points to buy a random spore burst.  Viruses are prone to mutations, giving you symptoms and abilities without spending points.  The best part is that in order to unlock the next plague type, you must beat the previous one on at least normal difficulty (which is surprisingly hard).  A great feature is that you can choose exactly which country to start your infection in, allowing a little more strategical genius.  The graphics are much easier to look at and Plague Inc. provides you with flow charts to map out the genes that you’re buying.  You can alter the DNA with several levels of climate abilities, drug resistances, symptoms, and travel media such as birds, rats, planes, or boats.  Plague Inc. is much more realistic in that the scientists do not start working on a cure until the disease is detected, meaning that if you’re smarty you will infect as many people as possible before making noticeable symptoms.  There is just as much down time in Plague Inc. if not more than in Pandemic 2.5, however you can earn extra points by popping bubbles as they appear over infected nations.  This game provides graphs for each nation and the world as a whole to keep you easily on top of the statistics of the game.  Plague Inc. also provides you with news updates constantly.  They include a lot of pop culture references, which makes it really funny, and if a medical breakthrough is made, that will actually affect a certain aspect of your disease.  There are natural disasters that happen pretty rarely.  Rich nations have better healthcare and you will need to tailor your genes to make them more susceptible to infection.  All in all, Plague Inc. is much more realistic.  Each time you engineer a successful plague, you will earn a new gene discovery that provides a little perk to use the next time you play, yet another incentive to keep playing.  On top of this, Plague Inc. is more fun to play and it’s not as serious as Pandemic 2.5.

WINNER: Plague Inc. is all-around a much better game.  For the same price as Pandemic 2.5 I highly suggest Plague Inc.  It has better graphics, is super-realistic, has great features and graphed statistics, and it is a little more interactive.  Plague Inc. has plenty of unlockable content, making sure that you come back to play it again.

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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