Top 10 Apps to Kill Time (Ranking)

One of the best parts of having an iOS device is that they’re great for just killing time.  And who doesn’t like wasting time?  Here are the Top 10 Apps to Kill Time:

10. YouTube: (Free) As a must have app just for practical uses, YouTube is great for aimlessly watching videos.

9. Temple Run/Temple Run 2: (Free) Since these two games are almost exactly the same, it’s safe to group them as one.  The Temple Run franchise is extremely addicting and certainly hard to put down.

8. Flow: (Free) This puzzle game starts off very easy but reaches a point where it may bend your mind.  Flow is perfect for thoughtlessly chopping time off the clock.

7. Fruit Ninja: ($.99) This is a classic game that is just so silly but just so fun.  Who doesn’t like spending their excess time splatting fruit into pieces as a ninja?

6. Tiki Totems 2: ($.99) One of the best thought-provoking/strategic games that has so many levels to keep you occupied for long periods of time is Tiki Totems 2.  There’s a lot in this game.

5. Angry Birds: ($.99) This is a pretty much must-have game.  I’m not a huge fan of all the subsequent installments, but the original Angry Birds is such a long game that it can chew up a lot of time over the course of the game.

4. Jelly Car 2: ($.99) As one of a few Jelly Car games, the second one is the best.  It offers a ton of levels through several game modes and is just plain fun.

3. Cut the Rope/Cut the Rope Experiments: ($.99) It doesn’t matter whether you chose Cut the Rope or its sequel Cut the Rope Experiments, you will become addicted until you push through all of the many levels.  Simple fun mixed with strategic thinking makes for a big time chomper.

2. Bike Race by Top Free Games: (Free) Although this game is not very lengthy and doesn’t offer an unseen amount to do, the amazing multiplayer puts it way up on the list of time killers.

1. Jetpack Joyride: (Free) Free games simply don’t get better than Jetpack Joyride.  There is nothing missing from this amazing game.  It is so addicting and has a lot to play to unlock.  Did I mention that it’s free?

-TheAppEmpire signing out


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