DrawRace- Turbo Edition – 4/10

drawrace- turbo edition

DrawRace- Turbo Edition is a 99¢ app that takes your ordinary iPhone racing game and transforms it into something that you never would have imagined.  Instead of using pedals and a steering wheel, or using the accelerometer, DrawRace makes you draw out the path that you want to drive prior to the race.  Then once you finish, you can watch to see how well your path works.  The cool thing is that the faster you draw your path, the faster the car will travel.  If you slow down your line while drawing it, then when the car gets to that point, it’ll slow down.  This is very innovative and a nice change from the normal racing games.  In order for this to work, it must be a bird’s eye view, so there’s no “behind the driver” point of view.  The graphics are certainly not Retina and aren’t very appealing.  But DrawRace does feature a few types of challenges: single player, two player, and three player (how creative…).  The multiplayer versions are not wireless, they are just a pass-and-play method.  There are several tracks and more can be unlocked as you play along.  I’m torn.  On one hand you have this extremely creative and pretty cool idea with the draw racing, but on the other hand, it just isn’t fun.  I can play it for a few minutes, maybe five races, but then I’m done for a few weeks.  And at a price of $.99, I just don’t think DrawRace is a very competitive app in a market full of great and innovative games.  4/10.

-TheAppEmperor *drawing* out


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