Hanging With Friends Free – 6/10

hanging with friends free

Back in its heyday, Hanging With Friends Free by Zynga was sure to be found on almost every iPhone.  And although it has declined a whole bunch, I’d like to remind people that it’s still a fun game.  Here’s how it works.  Hanging With Friends is a social word game that puts a unique spin on classic Hangman.  One friend, say Friend A, is given a handful of letters.  He can create any word with those letters from four letters to eight letters.  Depending on the length of that word, Friend B is given a certain amount of strikes to guess the word.  If it’s short, B is given more strikes.  The last vowel of the word is always given.  If Friend B doesn’t guess the word, he loses a balloon (Each player has five balloons that keeps him above the lava.  Lose all five and you lose the game.).  Next, Friend B returns the favor by creating a word for Friend A to guess.  There are three lifelines.  The first time you use them in a game, they are each free.  Each subsequent time, they will cost you.  Extinguish gets rid of four letters of the alphabet to increase your chances of guessing the secret word.  Revive removes a strike to give you one extra chance.  Suspects highlights four letters, one of which will be in the word.  I like how they took a classic game and put a new and social spin on it.

There are some bugs that keep the game prone to crashing, and nobody really plays it much anymore, so the value has gotten a huge dent.  I wish I could still play it, but the times have changed, marring the rating of Hanging With Friends Free to a 6/10.

-TheAppEmperor *hanging* out


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